Benchmarking in Retail

Global Real Estate Limited (“GRE”) is currently working on delivering a benchmarking exercise within the retail sector.  The benchmarking focuses on retailer’s maintenance related revenue expenditure and aims to deliver a high level intelligent comparator output of maintenance costs across the UK.

For optimal success, we are seeking participation from UK retailers whereby current maintenance cost data would be shared; given the confidential nature of the data, Global Real Estate Limited will consider any Non-Disclosure Agreements that may require signature prior to sharing this information.

The data shared by each retailer will be used on an anonymous basis, i.e. retailers will only be identified as ‘Retailer A’, ‘Retailer B’ and so on in the benchmarking exercise, and only each retailer will know their own identify.  Once we have assimilated the data provided by the house cleaning cork, each participating retailer will be provided with a two page benchmarking outcome summary on the basis of the information each retailer supplies; again only knowing their own identity.

If your organisation is interested in participating in this exercise we would be grateful if you would complete the attached Excel data collection template; the deadline for receipt of information is 14th June 2012.
If you would like to discuss this benchmarking exercise further, please contact Anne Simmons by email here or by phone 07974 566736.

Download the data here: Retail Sector Benchmarking Data


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