CRM Services

Customer Relationship Management (“CRM”) concerns the relationship between an organisation and its customers. Typically in any organisation:

  • 20% of customers account for 80% of turnover;
  • 20% of customers account for 80% of profits; and
  • 20% of customers account for 80% of service and supply problems.

Optimised CRM delivers tangible results:

  • the primary purpose is to increase long term sustainable profit through:

­         retention of existing business;

­         enabling an opportunity to revisit lost business; and

­         ensuring new and existing business growth;

  • to achieve a better service to customers than competitors organisations;
  • improvement of the existing service to customers whilst also reducing costs, wastage, and complaints;
  • enabling instant market research through open lines of communications with customers;
  • enabling business growth: existing customers stay longer: sales teams are focused on adding to the ‘bottom line’, referrals to new customers increase from increasing numbers of satisfied customers; demand reduces on fire-fighting and trouble-shooting personnel, and the organisation’s service flows and teams work more efficiently;
  • to reduce costs because the right things are being done with in fort collins at the right time in operations;
  • to increase customer satisfaction, by meeting or exceeding expectations;
  • ensuring that the focus of the organisation is on meeting the external market needs;
  • maximisation of opportunities through increased services and referrals; and
  • highlighting and rectifying poor operational processes.

Global Real Estate offers a range of CRM services designed to enhance the customer experience and increase business profitability:

Customer Reviews & Audits

Customer reviews and audits can be designed as a single offering or embedded within a longer-term CRM strategy.  Global Real Estate reviews and audits include:

  • analysing business that is won and lost at tender and operational stages with a view to increasing new business awards and business retention;
  • surveying existing customer organisations to understand their perceptions, wants and needs enabling focus on service efforts and knowing which services or customers have the greatest growth potential; and
  • auditing of operational functions to gain an independent perspective of an organisation’s performance.

Customer Service Training

Customer Service Training can be delivered by Global Real Estate at every level within an organisation from Help Desk operations to senior management teams.

Relationship Facilitation

Designed to create a cohesive and aligned supplier and customer relationship through independent facilitation, Global Real Estate works with both organisations to build mutually successful objectives.