Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions
Where do I get legal information and

updates relating to the FM market?

Workplace Law specialises in hr and employment law, health and safety, and environmental management through training, consultancy and support services.  They also provide weekly legal email updates which are free and are accessible through their web site.  For more information about how Workplace Law can assist you, click on the link below.

For specific areas of interest, follow the links to Workplace Law below:

HR and Employment Law –

Health and Safety –

Environmental Management –

Workplace Law also offer a facilities management recruitment service which can be accessed with the following link:


Should I use input or output based specifications

to get the best value when procuring FM services?

In simple terms, an output based specification documents the ‘outputs’ required by the end user of an FM service whereas an input based specification will document how the output is to be achieved.  In our experience, a hybrid of both types of specification should be considered whereby critical aspects of FM service delivery, which significantly impact on a customer’s core business, are documented on an input basis with the less critical elements of FM service documented as an output.  Typically, output based specifications tend towards greater flexibility for innovation in service management and delivery but should always be accompanied by a clear set of objective key performance measures.