Operational Management Services

Interim Operational ManagementHaving the right people in the right place at the right time and to the right effect is of paramount importance; whether during periods of unplanned or planned absence, to meet a specific skills gap, or whether simply a need for additional resources, Global Real Estate can provide your interim operational Facilities Management solution.

Global Real Estate’s interim managers come from all principal business sectors, have experienced broad organisational styles and cultures, and have previously demonstrated progressive achievement, clear success and have held significant resource management and budgetary responsibility.

The Company is able to support customer organisations and service providers alike through its offer of three principal operational services; mobilisation & transition management, interim operational management support and assuming the ‘intelligent customer’ function:

Mobilisation & Transition Support

The depth and breadth of tasks to be implemented within a relatively short timescale following contract award is often challenging with expectations of all stakeholders at optimum level.

The mobilisation of a new contract typically creates a short-term shortfall in resource or a gap in a particular skill set, whilst making the transition from mobilisation into a steady state operation as the need to close one set of activities whilst creating a momentum to achieve operational compliance and optimal service delivery is also a challenge.

Possessing practical experience, combined with strategic awareness and tactical reasoning within the facilities management marketplace, Global Real Estate can provide interim mobilisation and transition resources.  Advisors gain trust and confidence from the customer’s organisation, and quickly implement with maids near me sunflowermaids.com team-working and partnering approaches to optimise the ability of the organisation to achieve the mobilisation and transition tasks and deliver proactive results.

Interim Operational Management

Company advisors are fully equipped with the competence, skills and experience to undertake multi-faceted operational functions to overcome the immediate shortfall whether within a customer or service provider organisation.

We have the substantive track record and management skills to intercede into complex commercial and relationship situations and provide practical resolution within agreed parameters; possessing the management capability and style to ‘step in’ and ‘step out’ of interim management requirements with minimal disruption but maximum impact.

The ‘Intelligent FM Customer’ Function

Global Real Estate’s ‘intelligent FM customer’ service offer is based upon two types of organisational need:

  • where an intelligent customer management function is not a full-time requirement and the customer organisation lacks the internal skills and experience necessary to manage FM services, Global Real Estate assumes the interim management of the FM services on a permanent, yet part-time basis to represent the customer organisation; and
  • where an existing FM service has stalled in its development, Global Real Estate works with both customer and service provider teams on a consultancy basis to develop improvement initiatives to reinstate vision and momentum into the relationship.